About Us

Raised on the rugged South side of Chicago, Argus Brewery reflects the can-do attitude and work ethic of the American Midwest.

Our brick building was built in 1906 as a stable for Schlitz horses and wagons to transport barrels of beer to taverns across Chicago. Originally part of a two-block complex called “Schlitz Row” next to the dry community of Pullman, it is one of two surviving buildings from that era.

Father-and-son team Bob and Patrick Jensen chose our unique location when they founded Argus Brewery in 2009. To create truly remarkable beers, the pair relied on more than 100 years of Jensen family experience as food technologists and chemical engineers. They’ve relished the challenge of brewing smooth, authentic premium craft beers that rival the best beers in the world.

Brewery Tours

Delve into the history of Argus Brewery and our famous neighborhood while enjoying samples of the latest Argus brews in your commemorative pint glass. Our tours are consistently ranked among the best in the country!

Our Team

It’s a special kind of people who spend all day thinking about beer. Our kind of people.


We don’t mind when people write nice things about us.

Private Reserve

Psst: wanna join our club? Private Reserve is a members-only group of craft beer enthusiasts who  can attend private tasting events featuring limited-release, specialty Argus brews.