Special Barrel

Argus Special Barrel, small batch brewing, taps into the rebellious streak of upstart brewers from a hundred years ago. Back then, it was common to brew a different beer each week. Variety was king, and there was no tyranny of mass beer. Even today, at Argus we operate in pretty much the same way – brewing, bottling and distributing our most popular crafts while keeping our Argus Special Barrel beers to ourselves.

So now at the risk of pleasing some but not all, we’re making our small batch brewing available to craft beer enthusiasts at special events, including our members-only Private Reserve group. Below you’ll see some of our past adventures in small batch brewing.

Fairies Wear Boots Dark Saison

This dark version of a classic Belgian style saison is a tribute to the Black Sabbath song with the same title.

Starting with a base of Franco Belg Pilsner malt, this saison is topped with Light Munich Wheat for body and Midnight Wheat with Chocolate & Black malt for depth. A touch of coriander and chamomile, gathered from our garden, is added to the boil with Liberty hops. The French saison yeast strain used in ‘Fairies’ lends a slight tartness to the smooth chocolate texture and roasted
taste of the beer.

Rosie Cheeks

Saison/Farmhouse Ale, ABV 6.25%

Brewed exclusively for The Rare Beer Club

Rosie Cheeks is a saison with flair. We used rose hips to impart a slightly tart and jammy flavor that pairs nicely with the farmhouse and clove characters found in our saison yeast. This is a robust saison, with a delicate palate. Greate to pair with Gruyère and washed rind cheese.

Rosie cheeks was brewed for The Rare Beer Club, a beer of the month club that delivers quality, variety, and value through their structured beer selection process.

The Microbrewed Beer of the Month Club™ is one of six services offered by MonthlyClubs.com™. The Rare Beer Club limited the number services offered to ensure ability to consistently deliver the same quality standards year after year. Our Design Your Own Club™ program allows you to choose from our different beer, wine, cigar, cheese, chocolate and flower clubs and send whatever you want to send, whenever you want to send it.

For more information The Rare Beer Club visit rarebeerclub.com.

Barrel Aged McCaffery’s Irish Cream Ale

We took one of our favorite sessional ales and aged it for three months in locally sourced bourbon barrels from Chicago based Koval Distillery. Charred American oak lends notes of caramel and vanilla, while the booziness of organic bourbon blends nicely with the toasty malt flavors of our McCaffery’s Irish Cream Ale.

A small percentage of freshly hopped beer was then blended in to round out the flavor profile and provide some additional bitterness. The result is a well balanced and sessionable barrel aged beer that we think you will enjoy.

Bittersweet Kiss

Pale Ale, ABV 6.5%

This late addition pale ale brings hops front and center. Simcoe and Mosaic hop varieties added in the final minutes of the boil give this pale ale intense tropical and stone fruit notes with a soft, rounded bitterness.

Brettasus IPA

English-Style IPA

Our Brettasus is an English style IPA, which uses American hops to give it a refreshing balance of malt and hops. We aged it in a Koval Bourbon barrel for over 5 months and the result was a smooth barrel aged beer with Belgian characteristics.


ABV 7.5%

Pouring deep golden amber, this Belgian- inspired Saison achieves it’s light malt body from the use of oats, rye and honey malt. Coriander, grains of paradise and tangerine peel give it a slightly tart citrus finish.

Bock to School

6.0% ABV

A traditional Helles bock that was brewed and then lagered for over six weeks. It is lightly hopped and balanced with Pilsner, Munich, Wheat and Honey malts.

Black Cat Lager

5.50% ABV

A special dark lager that has hints of chocolate and coffee that we utilized Mt Hood, Willamette and Hallertau hops for aroma.