Renowned Beverage Expert Brings Talents to Argus

Renowned Beverage Expert Brings Talents to Argus

When renowned beverage expert Mary Pellettieri was introduced to Argus Brewery for the first time, she saw an opportunity. A seasoned expert in the beer industry, Mary has been responsible for quality management, product development, and a plethora of other areas for major breweries across the country.

Yet Pellettieri prefers the laid-back, fun atmosphere and entrepreneurial spirit that comes in working with smaller breweries. And through Argus, she knew she could help consumers find an approachable craft beer with all the flavor and uniqueness that makes it special.

“Craft beer is here to stay. It’s not a trend. If people haven’t tried it yet, they should. It continues to gain share and not just from imports anymore,” said Pellettieri.

Founded in 2009 by father and son team, Bob and Patrick Jensen, Argus Brewery is located on the South Side of Chicago in the landmark Pullman District within the historic Joseph E. Schlitz distribution stables. Argus’ flagship brands include Argus Ironhorse Chicago Common, Argus Holsteiner Lager, Argus Pegasus IPA, Argus EZ Rider Pale Ale, and Argus Jarrett Payton All-American Wheat Ale.

When Pellettieri joined the team as Brew Master alongside Patrick Jensen, their mission was to refine and tweak each of the brands in order to create a line that has distinctiveness, and represents the values of the brewery.

“This is something that is very difficult for any brewery to achieve. With Argus we wanted our flagship brands to be approachable, and we’ve been able to accomplish that,” said Pellettieri. “The beer hasn’t changed – what gives them character has remained, we tweaked things like water chemistry and hop balance to achieve a standard taste profile.”

Brewmaster Mary Pellettieri and Argus Co-Owner Patrick Jensen

Brewmaster Mary Pellettieri and Argus Co-Owner Patrick Jensen enjoy a Holsteiner in the Brewery’s taproom.

One of the first things Mary worked on with Argus was the development of a lab. “That has opened the door to some great changes and opportunities,” said Patrick Jensen. “We are going to stretch our own limitations. We always want to make an approachable beer, but that is a wide spectrum.” Pellettieri added, “You are going to start seeing things from Argus that you’ve never seen before. We are going to start showing our creative side.”

You can find Argus in retail locations and restaurants throughout the greater Chicago area, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Florida. The Brewery is open for tours most Saturdays, but tickets go fast. Visit for more information.





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