A Pint of Chicago: Crafting Beer and Community

By: Mathew Powers, Chicago Now

Craft brewery websites rarely miss a chance to mention the words “community” or “local.” What exactly is meant by that? What does it mean to be local? Here is just a small sample from the websites of local breweries of what it means to be part of a community:

Supporting local farms and committing to conservation (refraining from becoming a strain on local resources.

Argus Brewery, Chicago: They are adamant about being leaders in green brewing. They also make it a point to support local organizations: “We strive to be a good corporate citizen. That’s why we feel that it is important to participate in programs that work directly with the community. Together with Friends of Pullman, we have uncovered solutions that create opportunities that both strengthen the fiber of the community and dramatically decrease Argus Brewery’s waste.”

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