Argus Brands

Argus Brands

Pegasus IPA

English Style IPA, 6.2% ABV

This full-bodied IPA embraces a British past with an American hop twist. We use a blend of English and American malts to create the malty body, which is then complemented by a more assertive dry hopping of American hops. The result is a refreshing grapefruit like aroma and flavor with a toasty malt finish.

Perfect for catching up with friends at the pub, this deep amber shade beer pairs well with rich, robust dishes—enjoy with a local curry for the authentic IPA experience.

Holsteiner Lager

German Style Marzen, 5.4% ABV

World Beer Cup Bronze Medal award-winning Marzen, is a dark lager with origins in Germany. This is a year-round go-to beer due to its clean, refreshing profile. Brewed to tradition, our process of long cellaring, use of true German lager yeast and classic raw ingredients result in a light copper, malt-accentuated lager. Details like these make Holsteiner an easy beer to drink with just about any meal.

Steeped in a rich brewing tradition, Holsteiner is particularly good with German food such as sauerkraut and Weisswurst, or standard American Pub fare.


Bloodshot Red Ale

British Style ESB, 5.4% ABV

This Extra Special Bitter Ale is famous not only for its caramel, juicy fruit, and citric hop notes but also for its name. Bloodshot Red, brewed to honor, Chicago’s own, Bloodshot Records.  A classic English ESB, round and hoppy.  A series of FREE Bloodshot drinking songs are available for download. Not only is this Ale perfect, but it also delivers that one of a kind taste that is impossible to re-create.

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