We Now Have A Blog!

This is the introduction to my NEW blog series. Certain players here will be posting items that we hope are of interest to Argus drinkers. If you have any question for the blog editor, send your comments to the writer through our contact page on the website.

In my first blog I just want to give you the highlights of what is happening at Argus.

Our most significant news is that Argus Holsteiner Lager received a bronze medal at the World Beer Cup! Pretty good when you consider that there were over 7,000 entries. The American-Style Amber Lager category is very competitive, and we were the only Chicago beer to receive this award. Be sure to give it a try next time you’re at a local watering hole.

The award is the result of a coordinated effort among Argus employees to improve the overall quality of the beer. What’s really fun is when you put together a plan and you get the intended results! Let’s face it, that’s not usually the case.

You may notice a lot of activity going on at the lot to our immediate South. By the end of May, we hope to have a new cyclone fence with a visual barrier installed, a bocci ball court, garden plots of hops, and a movie projection screen for weekend events. We sure could use help spreading out the sand and mulch. Contact Nick Lubovich to find out how you can help!

Thanks for your continued support,

Bob Jensen
Founder & Co-Owner

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