Inside the Argus Special Barrel: Pomegranate Rosie Cheeks

Inside the Argus Special Barrel: Pomegranate Rosie Cheeks

Argus’ Special Barrel brews tap into the rebellious streak of upstart brewers from a hundred years ago. Back then, it was common to brew a different beer each week. Variety was king, and there was no tyranny of mass beer. Even today, at Argus we operate in pretty much the same way – brewing, bottling and distributing our most popular crafts while keeping our Argus Special Barrel beers to ourselves.

At Argus, we recently brewed a special barrel of Pomegranate Rosie Cheeks, derived from another recent special barrel, Rosie Cheeks Saison which was brewed exclusively for the Rare Beer Club and served during brewery tours.

Pomegranate Rosie Cheeks is our regular Rosie Cheeks cask conditioned with brettanomyces and pomegranate juice. The brettanomyces gives it an overall funk and earthy characteristics, which dries out the beer further with the addition of the pomegranate juice.

It differs from the regular Rosie Cheeks since we added brettanomyces and pomegranate juice to the firkin which adds both a slightly tart and earthy features to Rosie Cheeks.

Give it a try while supplies last by visiting the brewery for a tour. Stay tuned to see what’s next in Argus’ Special Barrel.

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