Argus Brewery in the Chicago Sun-Times for Chicago Craft Beer Week

Chicago Craft Beer Week is one of the best times of the year. Check out our calendar to see where you can find the Argus Brew Crew around Chicagoland. A big thanks to Liza Roche at the Chicago Sun-Times for the write-up about why Argus is the Chicago Beer You Should be Drinking in her […]

Argus Brewery’s Sustainability Efforts Noted Among National Craft Breweries

At Argus Brewery, we have a commitment to great beer and sustainable, green practices. We are pleased to be featured in Groupon’s article “Craft Breweries and Their Sustainability Efforts Across the Country”. Please click here to view the article and read more about it.

Remember the Legend

As the love for a good story and a fine pint grew within the hearts of Clan McCaffery, so did the demand for a brew that spoke to the greatness of the family and their love of Irish Tradition.

Argus Brewery’s Spent Grain Pizza

Not only is Argus Brewery a purveyor of craft beer in the Chicagoland market and beyond, but they have recently teamed up with a local pizza artisan to make a delicious line of Argus “Brewery Pizza”. These pizzas use both the spent grains and brewer’s yeast from Argus’ brewing process to make the crust.

Argus Brewery, a must see for Chicago beer lovers

This afternoon we went on a tour of the Argus Brewery which is located in the Pullman District of Chicago. Our tour today started outside where we were told about the history of the Schlitz Brewing Company buildings in the Pullman District. Pullman railroad car workers were living in a dry community until Schlitz decided […]

Pegasus IPA Made Me a Believer

I’m just going to say it: I am not a fan of India Pale Ales. I don’t personally have anything against them, just not my style. I mean, the flavor is there—I like a nice herby, citrusy, peppery, floral, toasty aroma and flavors from hops. I definitely appreciate them. But what my palate doesn’t enjoy […]

Argus Brewery Introduces Frozen Pizzas Made With Beer Byproduct

By Howard Ludwig on December 12, 2013 9:01am ROSELAND — Pizza and beer simply go together. Argus Brewery in Roseland has found a unique way to marry these two favorites beyond a case of the munchies. The craft brewer last month launched a line of frozen pizzas with crust made from a byproduct of its […]

Jarrett Payton Talks 20th Anniversary of Walter Payton’s NFL Hall of Fame and All-American Wheat Ale on WLS

Jarrett Payton was honored to appear on WLS ABC7 on Aug. 13, 2013 to talk about the 20th anniversary of his father, Walter Payton, being inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He shared memories of the day his father was inducted, including a speech that JP gave for the occasion. JP also talked about […]

Best way to beat the cold from the Burbs to the City, BREWERY TOUR

It was a pub crawl led by a rugby team to 7 locations in the city and suburbs (I cant make this stuff up). Norm Smyth and Jeff Friends are members of the Chicago Blaze. They did a great job of combining their love of sports and beer to create one of the hippest trips […]

Best way to beat the cold from the Burbs to the City, BREWERY TOUR

By Stephanie Esposito, Tuesday at 9:52 pm So if you are looking for something to do this weekend, a pub crawl is just they way to do it. What? You think it’s going to be too cold to walk from bar to bar? The Blaze Boys have that taken of for you with a bus […]