From the Bourbon Trail to Chicago's South Side

From the Bourbon Trail to Chicago’s South Side

Barrel Aged McCaffrey’s Irish Cream Ale, Now Available

It all started a year ago, when the crew from Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant, (pictured above) set out on the Bourbon Trail to find the perfect oak barrel to use for aging their McCaffrey’s Irish Cream Ale. It was Knob Creek where they came upon just the barrel they were seeking. An American white oak barrel, with the highest char level to bring out more distinctive flavor qualities during the aging process.

First, they had the small batch bourbon whiskey bottled exclusively for their restaurants in Downers Grove and Aurora. Next, the barrel began the journey to Chicago’s rugged south side, where it found its way into Argus Brewery.

It was there, in the historic Joseph E. Schlitz distribution stables, that the Argus brew masters took one of our favorite session ales, McCaffrey’s Irish Cream Ale, brewed exclusively for Ballydoyle Irish Pub & Restaurant and aged it for four months in this special barrel. The result is a well balanced barrel-aged beer that we think you will enjoy.

Argus and Ballydoyle proudly released Barrel Aged McCaffrey’s Irish Cream Ale on Thursday, June 18 as a limited offering. Hurry in to their locations in Downers Grove or Aurora, before the barrel runs dry.

Knob Creek McCaffreys Barrel

American White Oak Barrel from Knob Creek

Signed Barrel

Signed by those who journeyed the Bourbon Trail in search of the perfect barrel.

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