Argus Co-Owner, President, Bob Jensen Speaks With WGN About Success of Business

Bob Jensen, President and Co-Owner of Argus Brewery, recently participated in “The Exchange,” an event by Chicagoland’s Chamber of Commerce to represent small, mid-size and enterprise companies in Chicago.

After The Exchange, Jensen sat down with WGN Producer, Michael Heidemann, to discuss the business-side of Argus and the story behind the father-son journey.

“What’s really amazing is that I was working with a financial planner, and he asked me to draw a picture of my retirement, and I said I would like to be in a business with my son, and I can turn it over to him. That came true,” Jensen said. “How often does that happen?”

Jensen discusses how him and his son, Patrick Jensen, came up with the name “Argus” and how the company was crafted from the start. Learn about the history of Argus, the team and much more.

Listen to the interview here. 

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