Argus Brewery Creates Special Edition Monumental Lager

DSC_0487Following President Barack Obama’s designation of the Pullman National Monument on February 19, 2015 in Chicago, Argus Brewery handed out nearly 400 bottles of the special edition Argus Monumental Lager at a celebration at the Pullman Visitors Center.

“The Pullman National Monument commemorates the hard work, passion and determination of the Pullman community and all those who share a love of national parks, and we wanted to honor that with a toast to Pullman,” Nick Lubovich, Argus Brewery historian, said.

Monumental Lager is dedicated to the Pullman Porters and workers who helped advance the American civil rights movement and who fought for fair labor conditions in the late 19th century. Argus Brewery Head Brewer Tom Dwyer says his artistic inspiration for the label came from historical political flyers. The label features a porter serving beer to two men in a Pullman railway car with the historic clock tower in the background. Argus Brewery is located in the historic Joseph E. Schlitz stables in Pullman.

“Argus was created in the heart of Pullman, and we are excited to see how this new designation will benefit this community,” said Argus Brewery co-founder Patrick Jensen.

Argus Brewery also made sure Air Force One was stocked with four cases of the Monumental Lager after receiving a request from the Secret Service.


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