Argus Brew Master, Mary Pellettieri, Publishes Quality Management Book

Argus Brew Master, Mary Pellettieri, Publishes Quality Management Book

Craft beer sales are steadily increasing in the U.S., and producing quality beer for loyal fans is not a minor exploit. In order to fulfill a bright and successful future for all breweries around the country, it is important to first integrate and maintain quality management throughout the entire brewery.

Renowned beverage expert Mary Pellettieri has crafted her own guidelines for those striving to achieve greatness in the craft brewing industry. Her new book, Quality Management: Essential Planning for Breweries, brilliantly encompasses the importance of quality management for both regional and national breweries. Pellettieri focuses on how quality management is crucial for all staff members at any level of the organization.

Achieving impeccable quality is what makes craft breweries thrive, and Pellettieri’s mission is to provide an educational asset for any brewery to use as a resource. Her book discusses effective management strategies and is sprinkled with various tools and concepts any brewery staff should consider in order to grow and flourish.

About Mary Pellettieri

First starting as a chemist and microbiologist at the Siebel Institute of Technology and World Brewing Academy in Chicago, Mary Pellettieri continues to utilize her knowledge and experiences in the brewing industry. She also taught Sensory Management and was a judge at high-end beer competitions. She continues to speak nationally about sensory analysis, brewing science, and quality significance.

Pellettieri is currently a Brew Master at Argus, utilizing her managerial talents to help produce quality beer and introduce new opportunities to the smaller brewery. Her passion for the brewery industry and effective management skills have opened the doors to new possibilities, helping Argus embody their distinct quality and value.

Pellettieri’s book is now available through Amazon and the Brewers Association Store.

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