Argus Among Craft Breweries Recognized for Revitalizing Historic Building

Argus Among Craft Breweries Recognized for Revitalizing Historic Building

One way breweries have been espousing these principals is by rehabilitating historic buildings and repurposing them into breweries. It seems only fitting that craft brewers are often the ones revitalizing the past. After all, the craft beer boom has helped America get in touch with its pre-industrial roots when local artisans hand-crafted items largely used by those within the local community.

Argus Brewery, Chicago, Illinois

– in a Stable

Argus brewery is located in the historic Pullman district of Chicago. George Pullman helped transform passenger travel on railways. However, Argus is attached to an even older form of transportation – horses. The Argus brewery was once an early 1900s stable for Joseph E. Schlitz, as seen by two terra cotta horse heads that adorn the front of the building.

Argus Brewery

Atlas Brewing, Chicago, Illinois

– in a Potato Chip Factory

Like Mission, Atlas resurrected the name of a pre-Prohibition brewery. They recently moved into the Jay’s Potato Chip factory – a big part of Chicago’s history. Co-owner Ben Saller says, “Our company was founded by lifelong Chicagoans. We were excited to set up shop in a space with that kind of history. We would much rather make use of an unused building than build something new.”

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