Argus Brands

Leaders in Green Brewing

We pride ourselves on continuing to look for ways to reduce energy and waste, thus minimizing our carbon footprint with green brewing practices. For example, we are currently exploring the use of solar collectors to heat the water for the brewing process. Using less electricity for heat equates to less energy used and a reduced, long-term carbon footprint. We are also a customer of BlueStar’s Renewable American Energy, which relies solely on wind power.

We strive to be a good corporate citizen. That’s why we feel that it is important to participate in programs that work directly with the community. Together with Friends of Pullman, we have uncovered solutions that create opportunities that both strengthen the fiber of the community and dramatically decrease Argus Brewery’s waste. We hope to have these products ready in 2014.

Growler and Bomber Tote Bags

The Argus Beer Tote will be created using recycled woven plastic grain bags that otherwise are discarded. This product offers multiple carrying solutions for different size bottles from the growler to the bomber and makes transporting your favorite Argus products a breeze.

Beer Coasters

The Argus Beer Coasters will be developed from spent beer filters. These will be completely unique to Argus and will be the perfect complement to your Argus bottle or glass.

Argus Brewery Pizza Available Now in Jewel-Osco

Two of the main by-products of the brewing process are malted barley and brewer’s yeast, and it just so happens that you can use these products to make pizza crust.
But not just any pizza crust, an Argus Brewery all natural high fiber pizza crust! However, a crust is only the beginning. We’ve also used the best ingredients around to create this mouth-watering pizza that comes in 4 varieties. Enjoy one today with one of our premium craft beers, locally brewed in Chicago.

Watch our website and our social media pages for more unique and exciting ways Argus is going green!